• A day before a storm cycle brought 30 cm of powder, Pirhuk guide Matt Spenceley heading for the sun-soft southern aspects of Apusiaajik Glacier, East Greenland
    Greenland ski touring
  • Midnight in autumn and the Aurora Borealis reflects in the waters of Ammassalik Fjord. ph. N. Russill
    Greenland expedition
  • After a week of heavy snowfall, Dave Grant looks out toward the Denmark Strait. Pirhuk ski mountaineering expedition 2011. ph. Elisabeth Myklebust
    Greenland ski mountaineering
  • Skinning to the first of a 3 summit enchainment with the Denmark Strait beyond. Pirhuk East Greenland ski mountaineering trip 2012
    Greenland Ski Touring
  • Working through the bare ice of the West Coast. Pirhuk Greenland Icecap Crossing 2012
    Greenland Icecap Expedition
  • 9pm, late March and Pirhuk guide Matt Spenceley returns to camp after ski touring on Apusiiajik Island
    Ski Greenland
  • Making tracks on the Karale Glacier watershed. Pirhuk exploratory ski expedition 2013
    Greenland Ski touring

Spirited mountain and ski expeditions in Greenland


Welcome to Pirhuk.  My name is Matt Spenceley & I am founder and lead guide for Pirhuk.  From our base in East Greenland, we specialise in Greenland ski touring and mountaineering expeditions, icecap crossings, treks and traditional dogsled trips.

The expeditions detailed here are an expression of our huge passion for Greenland and a deep love of being in the mountains, combined with the expertise of over 26 expedition seasons up north.  As a small guide-owned outfit of dedicated professional skiers, mountaineers and locals, we aim to provide hand-crafted expeditions that push boundaries and do justice to this incredible wild land.  I hope that you will join us this coming season!

Matt Spenceley  – UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guide & founder of Pirhuk


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