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We organise guided crossings of Greenland’s Icecap, and pride ourselves on not only being highly professional, but also offering real adventure with the opportunity to learn from (and not just be guided by) some of the very best and most passionate people in the field. A feature of our expeditions is that we always aim to complete a true crossing of Greenland – from one shore to the other.

After many seasons of organising ski expeditions on the Inland Ice, all too often we see woefully under-prepared teams set off, only to fail in the early stages. Any ice cap expedition is a major undertaking and there’s no way to short-cut the process of preparation. For skiers who are serious about undertaking a crossing, Pirhuk provides a thorough preparation process, including a Norway training course, and most importantly, a 2 week long nordic ski expedition in East Greenland. This mid length expedition provides the opportunity to put the specific skills we use on the Ice Cap into use on a trip around half the length of the crossing expedition, giving confidence and experience of longer ski trips. We have made the decision that we would prefer to work with a handful of people dedicated to succeeding on the crossing, rather than providing many expeditions for poorly prepared teams.

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Join the team for Greenland's Icecap crossing:

  • Greenland Polar Training Expedition

    Greenland Ice Cap Expedition Training

    Polar expedition training - the region surrounding our base in East Greenland is the perfect location to train for polar expeditions and icecap crossings with a variety of terrain from the icecap to extensive sea ice. The skills we aim to deliver have been developed and tested on Greenland's Inland Ice and the South & North Poles. Instead of 'playing' at these skills in a small area, this training course works on such skills with an expedition journey.

  • Greenland Ice Cap Crossing

    Greenland Ice Cap Expedition

    Pirhuk's coast-to-coast, unsupported Ice Cap crossing expedition - a trip that returns adventure to the Inland Ice. Based upon the experience of many expedition seasons, we pride ourselves on providing thorough preparation for the expedition, not cutting any corners in building a team that you can trust and work with to make a successful crossing.


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