Greenland Dog Sledding

Inuit Dog Sledding on Greenland's wild east coast

Greenland Dog Sled Trip

Explore East Greenland by dog sled with the true experts – the Inuit dog sledders of Kulusuk. We provide dog sled trips and expeditions exploring one of the wildest, most beautiful land- and ice-scapes on earth – a world of frozen fjords, icebergs, Aurora Borealis and polar bears.

We are one of the very last communities left where dogsledding is still an essential facet of life, a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Learn the skills we use to survive and work with our Greenlandic sled dogs. Go far beyond the tourist trips on an immersive experience of traditional Inuit dog sledding. We love these trips – we hope you do too!

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  • East Greenland Dog Sled Tour

    East Greenland Dog Sled Expedition

    A unique multi-day Inuit dog sled journey deep into one of the greatest arctic wildernesses on earth. Travelling with & learning from these masters of survival, you’ll explore an uninhabited region of sea ice, glaciers & icebergs on a journey previously undertaken by only a handful of visitors.


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