The Pirhuk Team / Matt Spenceley

This is my 17th year in Greenland, a country, land and people that have absolutely captivated me.  East Greenland is my home, something that was clear from early on – a combination of steep wild glaciated alpine peaks surrounded by the ocean.  Being in the mountains has steered much of my life.  This journey has taken me from the Ice Climbing World Championships, to multiple crossings of the Inland Ice, becoming an IFMGA mountain guide, the North Pole and many, many expeditions around Greenland.  All things I’ve worked hard for but that could never encapsulate or articulate what I find so powerful in the every day, which are more often than not the small things…

What draws and captivates me?  Learning more every day about the mountains, the ice, the weather; being out on skis, on anything from steep wild lines, when everything comes together, or on mellow terrain when that’s what the mountains dictate; to be respectful and as safe as I can be amongst forces and places that humble; to sense the change of seasons and the longer rhythm of multiple years; to enjoy the company of new and old friends; to hone and use skill to read where I can travel – and where I shouldn’t; a sense of intimacy with the mountains that have become my home; frosty early mornings; sunsets at 11pm; the Aurora Borealis setting the sky alight.
I turned up in Kulusuk a scruffy teenager with a big passion for the mountains and very little experience.  Gradually, over time and with a lot of trial and error, Georg taught me to combine my skills in the mountains with an ability to read sea ice and handle storms & bears that belong to this wild region.  With my wife Helen (the most motivated ski partner I’ve ever met!), we’ve built a way of life that we both love, following our passion for exploratory ski alpinism and mountaineering.  Our expedition and ski lodge in Kulusuk and the way of life it enables is a dream come true.


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