The Pirhuk Team / Helen Spenceley

Born in the English Lake District, I’ve spent much of my life in the hills. Riding over the fells or climbing on the crags that surround my childhood home, I’ve always been happiest in wild places.

Free skiing and ski mountaineering is my big passion.  From our lodge in Kulusuk, we’re surrounded by many lifetimes’ worth of brilliant first descents and exploration – making our home amongst these mountains and the tiny community of East Greenland is a huge privilege.   We’re surrounded by some of the wildest land on earth so any trip away from the village can involve a lot more than a normal ski day elsewhere, from navigating sea ice, traversing around icebergs, dealing with complex logistics or ascending one of the massive glaciers that dominate our region.  The skiing is wild, adventurous and beautiful.  Each season, when the light returns from the south and the ski season begins, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.  Whether travelling into a remote range by dog sled or skiing from the lodge, every day is an adventure.

Come July, when the snow’s melted, I spend the months of summer leading small groups on wild treks – 24-hour sunlight, iceberg-filled fjords, no paths, polar bears and outrageous scenery, it’s a magic way to explore such a special place.

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