The Pirhuk Team / Gideon Kunak

Gideon is one of the most respected hunters and dog sled drivers in Kulusuk.  He has helped us out for many years, introducing many folk to the intricacies of East Greenlandic sledding and also completing some big, committing journeys when he has taken our ski teams far into the mountains to the north.

A close friend of Georg’s, it’s always good fun travelling with these two together.  Gideon is proud to let you know he’s had two new knees.  He seems unaffected by the cold, often travelling with no gloves or hat when the rest of us are buried in down jackets.  A few winters ago, Helen and Matt crawled out of their tent after a particularly cold night – it had dropped to -35 degrees Celsius – to find Gideon nonchalantly sitting on his sled, drinking tea in a pair of jeans and a shirt!