The Pirhuk Team / Georg Utuaq

Georg Utuaq was born and raised in Kulusuk, hunting and travelling from a young age in the surrounding fjords in both summer and winter.  He’s an extremely capable and tough dogsled driver and boatman, as well as the lynchpin for all logistics going through Kulusuk, whether receiving equipment, arranging accommodation or providing advice on prevailing sea ice conditions.

Georg and Matt have made some committing dogsled journeys over the years.  One such journey, taking a mountaineering team into the Karale area back in 2001, involved 80 km days and an epic run home in challenging sea ice conditions.  Witnessing the skill involved in such a trip is humbling, all the more so when he arrived within 10 minutes of the agreed pick-up time a month after last seeing each other.

Georg and his wife Justine have made Matt and the small Pirhuk guiding team very welcome.  Together with Justine,  he’s the head of a big family and likes nothing better than being surrounded by his sons and grandchildren, their home a lovely place to return to after weeks out in the mountains.