The Pirhuk Team / A close-knit team of certified guides & local experts passionate about the mountains

Pirhuk is made up of a close-knit group of friends who encompass many years of experience in East Greenland, the highest levels of certification in mountain guiding but most of all, a huge passion for the mountains, fjords and glaciers that surround our home here in Kulusuk.  There are lifetimes worth of the most brilliant adventures accessible from our lodge door in an area of pristine wildness the size of W. Europe.  It’s been a great privilege to meet so many lovely folk on our trips in Greenland and we hope the fact we get to climb, ski, trek and dog sled with many of the same people every year means we must be doing something right!

Pirhuk started 18 years ago when Matt started spending a lot of time in Greenland.  Taken under the wing of Georg and the Utuaq family, absolute experts in travelling this wild region, things have gradually, organically grown over the years.  Helen – who went on to marry Matt (!) – joined us up north with all the passion she has for this place.  After many years of cutting turns on beautiful peaks, exploring the frozen fjords by dog sled, climbing remote alpine summits and backpacking into some seriously wild, magical areas, our passion for what we do only gets stronger!