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Greenland Logistics


Greenland Logistics

We organise all aspects of Greenland logistics in both the cold and warm months.  Our primary focus is on our home area in the Tasiilaq/Kulusuk region, East Greenland, but we do work all over the country.


Available for charter from Kulusuk and Tasiilaq.  We can arrange registered boats for passenger transport as well as baggage and kayak transfers.  The skippers are experts with many years of experience in this region.  We can arrange charters to access hundreds of kilometres of the east coast including areas such as Umivik (start point of Nansen’s crossing) and Kangerlussuaq in the north.  Please note that travel on Greenland’s east coast is highly dependent on sea ice conditions, something we have much experience of managing.

Dog Sledding

We provide dog sled support to visiting teams and individuals all around the Ammassalik region.  You can hire a team for anything from short journeys to our local glacier to multi-day expedition journeys.  We specialise in taking in ski and climbing teams to the remote mountain ranges accessible to the north of Kulusuk.

Kulusuk is one of the last settlements on earth where traditional dog sledding is still an integral way of life.  The hunters of the community are highly experienced in ice navigation.  We have direct access to extensive sea ice from the bay in front of the village, providing access all over the region.


We provide snowmobile support from our base in Kulusuk both for equipment transport and passengers.

Helicopter Charter

We have 2 helicopters based in the Tasiilaq/Kulusuk region available for charter.  Flying radius covers access to the Ice Cap as well as the huge mountain ranges to the north of the area.

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