The summer expedition season is about to start!

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ph. H. Russell

ph. H. Russell

Our summer season is about to start! The food and equipment has arrived and we’re busy packing bags ready for 2 months of exploratory trekking and mountaineering on the super-wild east coast of Greenland.

This year Matt will be guiding a glacier trek in the Schweizerland Alps and is planning to make a traverse through the big alpine peaks using the vast glacier network which allows access to the heart of this incredibly wild area. He’s also heading off on a two week exploratory mountaineering expedition to search out new ascents amongst some of the most remote mountains on earth. He’s got his eye on a number of inspiring lines for this summer and is taking a team in to check them out.

Helen has got an exciting summer of trekking lined up. She’ll be making a committing, two week expedition carrying big packs to explore the remote ice-chocked fjords, isolated river valleys and coastline of the region that extends from Kulusuk. She’s also leading a week-long, adventurous boat-supported trip allowing access to parts of the area that are normally reserved for our longer, more committing trekking expeditions. Supported by the local Inuit hunters, most days we’ll move the equipment by boat, carrying only day packs to walk between camps.

Keep an eye out for our trip reports in the autumn!