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Nanoq Lodge


Nanoq Lodge Summary

Our main cabin in Kulusuk, Nanoq Lodge lies at the heart of the tiny Inuit village of Kulusuk, overlooking the fjord and the glaciated alpine peaks of the surrounding islands.  The fact is we’re surrounded by some of the wildest, uninhabited land on earth and it’s accessible from the door – a place where polar bears wander the fjords and a population of under 3,500 inhabit an area the size of Western Europe.

The result of a lot of hard work and carpentry, Nanoq Lodge is a bit of a dream come true for us – a home, a place to prepare for expeditions, to meet new friends, to ski, climb, kayak, dog sled and then, after all of that, to relax.  Like any good mountain cabin, we’re always working away at improving something or protecting the building from the harsh arctic weather we can experience here.

We run the lodge like an alpine hut – everyone is encouraged to help out but most importantly, to feel at home.  It’s important to note that, whilst we do everything to make your stay at the lodge as comfortable as possible, we are based in one of the remotest settlements on earth where an every-day problem that could be solved in a matter of hours elsewhere, may take weeks to resolve – plumbers are rare round here!

The lodge is made up of:-

  • Bedrooms: cabin-style twin and triple rooms to sleep 12
  • Facilities: sitting room with access to a big deck overlooking the fjord & mountains; small drying room; work shop
  • Eating: we all eat together.  With limited supplies, we do our best to cook good food each day, when possible locally caught.  Special dietary requirements can be catered for.
  • Plumbing: The lodge is one of the very few lucky houses in the village to have running water, sourced from a nearby mountain lake.  We have a hot shower and shared bathroom.



Costs are per room per night and in Danish Krone.

Double room: kr. 800,-

Triple room: kr. 950,-

Sleeping bag accommodation: kr. 300,-

Breakfast, lunch pack & dinner: kr. 450,-

Accessible from the Lodge...

We established the lodge in Kulusuk as it’s the perfect jumping-off point for trip & expeditions all over the east coast.  In summer, when the fjords are open, sheltered routes lead directly into the massive inland mountain ranges without the need to traverse the outer open fjords.  In the cold months, we have direct access to sea ice routes all over the region, without having to first travel far overland.

In the summer, we can trek, climb and kayak within minutes’ walk from the door and in the snowy months, snowmobile tow-in or dog sled to countless brilliant ski tours.  Many of our guided trips are based out of Nanoq Lodge.  Our home mountain Qualorujorneq, rising above the village, offers alpine climbing and ski mountaineering with far-reaching views out over the icebergs of the Denmark Strait.  For independent groups & visitors, we’re always happy to help out with local info and suggestions.

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