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ph. K. Anand Kumar
ph. K. Anand Kumar

East Greenland Sled Dog Expeditions

The indigenous Inuit community of East Greenland is one of the last on Earth that has a way of life based around dog sledding. The wild frozen fjords and glaciers of the Tunu region are perfectly suited to this ancient way of travel. Whilst snowmobiles have become more popular, the variable sea ice conditions still dictate that sled dog travel is by far the safest, most effective means of hunting and visiting the handful of remote settlements in the region. With extremely close ties to the community in Kulusuk, this is an expedition that Georg and Lars Bianco have asked us to run – one of their favourites of the year. We will be heading deep into the wilderness surrounding Kulusuk to gain an insight into this timeless way of life.

Our upcoming dog sled expedition:

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    East Greenland Dog Sled Expedition 2016

    East Greenland is one of the last places on Earth where dogsleds are still used as an essential part of life. The local dogsled drivers of Kulusuk have asked us to organize this trip – a journey they enjoy running as much as the team joining them. Following traditional routes, we will gain access to some of the most magnificent of high latitude environments – tidewater glaciers, alpine mountain ranges and far-reaching views over the iceberg-studded frozen ocean. A comfortable camp will be made each night. Snowshoes will allow us to explore on foot as well. This is no ordinary tourist dogsled trip but a rare adventure into a pristine wilderness shown to us by the people who know it best.