About Us

Our Team

  • Helen Russell Pirhuk

    Helen Russell – UIMLA

    Kulusuk, East Greenland & Chamonix, France

    Helen manages much of the logistics behind Pirhuk and is an integral part of the guiding team. As a fully-qualified...

  • Georg Utuaq

    Georg Utuaq

    Kulusuk, East Greenland

    Georg Utuaq was born and raised in Kulusuk, hunting and travelling from a young age in the surrounding fjords in both...

  • East Greenland Dog Sledding

    Gideon Kunak

    Kulusuk, East Greenland

    Gideon is one of the most respected hunters and dog sled drivers in Kulusuk.  He has helped us out for...

  • Lars Bianco

    Lars Bianco

    Kulusuk, East Greenland

    Lars Bianco lives together with his family in Kulusuk, in a house overlooking Ammassalik Fjord.  He’s a supremely effective boatman...

  • Lorenz Frutiger

    Lorenz Frutiger – IFMGA

    Kulusuk, East Greenland & Matten, CH

    Lorenz grew up in Switzerland under the shadow of some of the Bernese Oberland’s most impressive peaks.  He qualified as...

  • Dave Grant

    Dave Grant – MIA / WML

    Kulusuk, East Greenland & VW van in Europe!

    Dave Grant first trained as a geologist before turning his passion for the mountains into a profession.  He’s climbed in...


Our Ethos

The central tenet of Pirhuk is simple: the expeditions detailed on this site are an expression of our huge passion for Greenland and a deep love of being in the mountains combined with the expertise of over 25 expedition seasons up north. Every expedition you find here is a trip we actively want to do; our primary motivation is the trip itself, not its potential for profitability.

Even after travels all over the World, we’ve not found a place that inspires so much, whether because of the quality and ‘wildness’ of the skiing, climbing, dog sledding and trekking or because of the raw beauty of this magical land and the special people that live there.

Pirhuk is a small guide-owned and run outfit, meaning that from the outset, you deal with folk who have spent many consecutive seasons in the mountains of Greenland – our advice is based on what works for us and our trips on the current-most information and expertise. You’re not paying for the structure of a big company. Our aim is to be professional but friendly; to be the very best we can be in our own special field as opposed to offering ever more trips or being the biggest operator.  Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with a great bunch of folk; we hope the fact that many of you come back time and again means we’re doing something right!

Our vision is to return to a purer form of adventure in Greenland expeditions, engaging more fully with what we’re there to do; objectives chosen for the passion they instill, rather than because it’s the highest peak, or the simplest place to get to. Logistics that both excite and pay respect to the place and people: locally driven dogsleds over foreign-owned snowmobiles; a boat to the base of a tidewater glacier, followed by a sledge journey instead of a charter plane direct to base camp.  These choices aren’t always the easiest, but we firmly believe they provide a deeper insight into Greenland and make for the richest, most unique experience of such a special place.

We work closely together with the locals whenever possible, launching our expeditions from places like Kulusuk village, not the airports & tourist hotels. This keeps money in Greenland, provides expedition teams with experience of a fascinating culture and ensures that our plans have the input of the real experts in Greenland.  Whilst our guides uphold the highest professional standards on all our expeditions, we hope that each team member will play a full part, bringing whatever skills they have to each trip.  For those interested, we’re always keen to help you develop technical skills and pass on the knowledge we use to work in the unique and challenging environment Greenland presents.

Our Base

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Kulusuk Expedition Basecamp

The launch-point for expeditions all over East Greenland and the Icecap

In the heart of the wild and remote East Coast of Greenland, known to the Inuit as Tunu, we operate our basecamp from the tiny village of Kulusuk. Although some of our expeditions travel in via other routes, many of our trips leave from our back door (or more likely the harbour!). Stunningly located on one of the outermost islands on the coast, rugged mountains, glaciers and fjords surround the settlement. It’s not unusual for us to make a early-morning ski tour, or a quick paddle out amongst the icebergs when we’re back in the village between expeditions. There remain enough new climbing routes and ski descents on the surrounding peaks to keep us busy for years to come.

As well as keeping our stores and equipment in Kulusuk (plus several dozen Greenland huskies), we also provide accommodation. After a trip, the village makes for a peaceful place in which to relax and readjust to being back in ‘civilisation’ again. This time also offers an insight into the tiny Inuit community that lives, often by subsistence hunting, amongst this vast arctic wilderness.

What we Offer

  • Guided ski & mountaineering expeditions:  Greenland skiing and mountaineering is our passion, and as professional, highly qualified guides with many years of experience, we take great pride in providing inspiring expeditions all over the country.
  • Custom Greenland Expeditions and Greenland Filming: As expert guides with many years of experience and a strong set-up in Greenland, we are well placed to assist in organising and/or guiding specialist projects, whether that be a ski expedition to an unusual area or a film shoot in a challenging and remote environment.
  • Equipmental rental: sleds & skis, emergency comms, polar bear deterrents
  • Expedition Supplies: Freeze-dried food, high grade stove fuel, maps, aerial photos
  • Accommodation: Bunkhouse accommodation, stays in Inuit family homes
  • Logistics: Boat, dog sled & helicopter charter in the surrounding region.


  • Elisabeth M, Norway

    Apusiaajik Backcountry Ski Expedition 2010

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanx for a great skiing trip to Greenland in April! Perfect settings, and Dave and Owen did a really good job as guides.

  • Rob N, USA

    East Greenland Backcountry Ski Expedition 2008

    I just wanted to thank you again for a marvelous trip. I do miss the scenery, the touring/climbing, and especially the new friends.

  • Gavin H, UK

    Greenland Icecap Crossing Expedition 2010

    The training and advice we received prior to the crossing and the leadership from Alex on the icecap was superb. The Finse training was invaluable, and the systems you taught us we endeavoured to get more efficient at as we progressed.

  • Ron M, USA

    East Greenland Backcountry Ski Expedition 2008

    Thanks again for a great trip. Stay in touch!

  • Stephen L, UK

    Apusiaajik Backcountry Ski Expedition 2010

    Thanks for all your help on the trip, certainly made it very enjoyable.

  • Steve C, Quebec/Geneva

    Apusiaajik Backcountry Ski Expedition 2011

    Hi guys, just back from a fantastic ski trip with Pirhuk. This was great and we are looking forward for our next trip with you in Greenland. Could you let me know what are your next trips for this summer ? I would be interested to join an expedition for this summer already :-)

  • Will B, USA

    Greenland Icecap Crossing Expedition 2010

    It was a great trip, Matt, and the experience was everything I had hoped it would be. The team was excellent and Alex was an exemplary guide and leader.